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Jon Beebe
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Booking your trip with Beebe Travel takes away the hassle of planning so you can “just relax” and truly engage with the world around you and those you love.​​​​

Jon desires to serve you or your organization by making your vacation/travel dreams come true.

Have you ever posed the question on FB, "Where should my family go on vacation?" If you have, you know that you get random answers like... Disney, Maine, South of the Border, Yosemite, Music City, North Dakota, etc.. These people mean well, but it does not always help you. One of Jon's strengths is asking questions that allow him to get to know you so he can serve you best.

He wants YOUR travel dreams to come true on your next vacation, not his.

Jon will also use his ample travel experience to offer suggestions, answer questions, and help guide you or your organization through the entire process. That includes helping you navigate requirements for international travel, can this venue adequately serve your organization best, the ever-changing Disney parks, or figuring out if your budget is realistic for what you'd like to do? Jon's here to help so that you can "just relax." 

About Your Travel Designer

Jon Beebe is a husband (to Lauren since 2007), dad (of 3 girls), friend (of many), leader, business owner, entrepreneur, Bills Mafia member, and follower of Jesus. In all he does, Jon desires to serve people by providing resources that help people engage more with those they love and the things they love.

His wife, Lauren, and he are Co-Founders/Owners of a company designed to save families time & money, Beebe's Bargains. Since its start in October of 2018, they have seen exponential growth. As of October 2022, they have over 57k members in their Facebook group and growing. Along with Beebe's Bargains, in June of 2022, Jon founded this company, underneath LV Travel Co, Beebe Travel, where he acts as a Travel Agent/Concierge, helping people have the best travel experiences possible.

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When he's not serving people with his businesses, he loves traveling to Disney World with his family, following his hometown Buffalo Bills all over the country, and spending time with friends/family.

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