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Caribbean Mexico Central America

Cancun ● Cabo ● Costa Rica ● Jamaica ● Puerto Rico ● Saint Lucia ● Antigua ● Bermuda ● Bahamas ● Grenada ● Virgin Islands ● Aruba ● Dominican Republic ● Curacao ● Saint Maarten ● Holbox ● Tulum ● Belize ● Turks and Caicos ● and more

The options seem endless...

Everyone has an idea of their ideal next vacation.  Sometimes, what is needed is simply some relaxation time by the beach and pool.  For many, it's the perfect combination of relaxation, with a day or two of excursions.  Maybe, this trip is meant to be filled with adventure on property and off, so finding the right destination and location for that request is important!  Working with an advisor that has relationships with property management, and frequently books reliable transportation and tour providers, is key to your next much-needed, stress-less, getaway.  

With thousands of resorts to choose from in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, you can imagine the options can be overwhelming, and some travelers learn, the hard way, that online reviews are very subjective.

Every LV Travel Co Travel Advisor takes great care to get to know you and what you desire for your next getaway.  A quiet resort, party central, or somewhere in the middle?  You have an idea in your head of what kind of room and location you'd like?  We already have extensive knowledge of room categories, and know where to look first for potential availability.

Are you a self-professed foodie?  Will the spa be your first stop?  Nightly entertainment a must-have?  We help by narrowing down thousands of resorts to the handful that will fit you like a glove.


All-inclusive or no...

Many are under the impression all-inclusive resorts abound throughout the entire Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, but the truth is, there are many common destinations that host mainly boutique or larger hotels.  Your advisor has the knowledge and expertise to confidently help find the right "home away from home" for you. 


Some clients decide the all-inclusive design is more important than traveling to the island they desired, while others have a specific destination in mind and we move forward with hotel property options, if all-inclusive resorts are not prevalent in that region. 


Your LV Travel Co Travel Designer has extensive knowledge regarding what is available to you. 

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