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Leanne Stephenson

Designing hassle-free
vacations for busy lives

She gets it.  You're busy, or maybe just overwhelmed at how travel looks right now.  Requirements for international travel, the ever changing Disney parks, is your budget realistic for what you'd like to do?  These are all questions that Leanne can answer in a heartbeat, but can take hours and hours of research for the average person.  Having a travel designer has never been more important, and having one that is a professional, who cares just as much about your vacation as her own, is key for a stress-free, memory-making vacation.


Leanne will use her first-hand experience, affiliations and relationships to design a trip specific to you! 

About Your Travel Designer

I grew up in Buffalo, New York, spent my first married years in Chicago, Illinois, split 14 years between Buffalo (again) and Pennsylvania/northern Maryland, but have now (hopefully) permanently settled in the Tampa area.  My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, who appreciate travel as much as we both do.  I became a travel designer in June of 2018.

​I spent my childhood seeing the country, and as I entered high school, was able to venture onto a few cruise sailings and see more of the world.  My travel horizons only expanded from there.  Travel is medicine for me.  Without a trip to look forward to on the horizon, the days all feel a bit sad.  I have always loved the adventure of seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.  This is probably why I literally set up a pretend travel agency with my best friend, as a young child (each home had a "permanent" office).  We took the job very seriously, and it had to be "mobile"!

When my husband and I planned to take our girls to Disney World, for our "once-in-a-lifetime" trip, years ago, little did I know the pull that place would have on all of us.  We realized, with planning advice from friends that are now my clients, what an all encompassing experience it was.  A friend of mine encouraged me to join the agency I am grateful for receiving my start in.  Within months of joining, clients were asking me if I could help with their other trips to other destinations.  With the first hand experiences I had had, and knowing my love of travel extended well beyond Disney World, I was ready to dive in.  


In April of 2021, Torri and I became the owners of our own travel agency, LV Travel Co..  This has only allowed us to provide even better service to our clients, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.​

Years after beginning this career, I can honestly say, even through a pandemic, I have truly found my vocational calling and absolutely love what I do.  This is my full-time career, and I take it very seriously.  I truly understand what a vacation means to a family, a couple finally getting away, or friends reconnecting.  It is an honor to be a part of making each and every trip an amazing experience.

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