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Personal Experience

We thought it would be fitting to give testimony regarding one of our recent guided travel experiences.   Leanne and Torri, Owners of LV Travel Co, had the opportunity to go on the Adventures by Disney (ABD) Peru itinerary in 2022.  They are holding the "Paddle of Power" which is the tool guides carry throughout any ABD trip for you, to easily follow and find them.  It also represents the exclusivity of access ABD provides to various tourist attractions and establishments. 


This adventure was a life changing experience, not only because of the beautiful landscaping and people of Peru, but the care the Adventures by Disney guides provided, and detail with which they led throughout the week, was bar none.  

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Senior Tourist

Travel with ease, around the world.

Guided travel, with a reputable company, is truly and arguably the best way to see the world.  As parents, we know that traveling with your children can bring its challenges.  You'll already be wearing many of the parental "hats" only you can fill, so worrying about all the moving pieces of a trip like this is is not something you need on your plate.   Maybe you're a couple that truly wants to use this time to reconnect and focus on this experience together, rather than testing the your communication and patience skill when something goes inevitably wrong.  We understand.


Let your guides handle the possible language barrier, multiple transfers & ways to transfer, hotel stays, dietary needs or allergies, and bring you all into those once-in-a-lifetime memories you would have not created otherwise.  

Where to next?

Most tour companies, including Adventures by Disney, service all seven continents.  You read that right, if Antarctica is on your bucket list, we can even help with checking that destination off!  Some itineraries are even right within the continental United States, if you're looking for a fantastic guided experience out West. 


Are you looking for a privately guided experience?  That is an option within many of these companies.  A common request we also receive, especially for the United Kingdom, is a privately chauffeured vacation, where language is not a barrier while visiting the sites, but the ease of travel is wanted. 

Worth pointing out - Adventures by Disney itineraries minimally involve "the mouse" or storylines involving the company's intellectual property.  When children are present, they might incorporate a mention here or there to make it relevant to their experience.  The focus of this line of Disney Destinations is to operate with exceptional care and customer service in the field of guided tours, continuously "overdelivering" on the experience they immerse you in.

Your LV Travel Co Travel Designer would love to help you experience your next bucket list destination on a guided tour!  

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