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There are multiple ways to experience Hawaii.  Maybe you have time to experience not just one, but two islands or more.  Some go for the beach time, while others are all about the adventure.  There are also options to sail between the islands, making this a great way to experience as much as possible, in a week's time.  Regardless of the way you choose to experience the beauty of these islands and the Hawaiian culture, my expertise in this destination will elevate your vacation experience.

If you'd prefer to schedule a phone consultation, please email me at
I am always willing to discuss my services and answer initial questions over the phone, but I like to make sure I have allotted the time you deserve.

The form below is an initial step to provide me more information on what you are expecting of your next vacation.  We can then communicate via email about moving forward with my services or choose to speak on the phone to discuss more.

My Services Include:

  • A trip proposal with a complete custom itinerary specific to the islands you requested.

  • Custom recommendations, securing and confirming any dining reservations (when applicable), excursions, tours, transfers, rental cars and any other components related to your trip.

  • Providing a trip specific, extensive, online itinerary prior to departure.

  • Offering support before, during and after travel.

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