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Where Busy Women Find Their Travel Escape

Welcome to The LV Travel Co Blog

As busy women, we understand the delicate balance between work, home life, and the need to connect with loved ones through travel. Whether you're a career-driven powerhouse, a dedicated mom, or an ambitious entrepreneur, we see you, hear you, and understand all that goes into daily life.

Hi! We are Torri and Leanne, co-owners of LV Travel Co. Our boutique travel agency focuses on serving busy women who do not have the time or energy to plan out those much-needed vacations and adventures. As entrepreneurs, wives, and moms, we know we could all use a few more hours in the day. We also understand the importance of delegation.That's why we love planning vacations for busy women, because planning travel is something we can take off their plate.

Torri and Leanne in Machu Picchu, Peru with Adventures by Disney
Machu Picchu, Peru with Adventures by Disney

What you can expect...

Here on the blog, you can expect to find our personal experiences, honest reviews, and a lot of gluten-friendly travel experiences (we are both gluten-free). We have so much filed away in our brains that we feel it is better served living somewhere other women like us can benefit from it too. Why not join our supportive sisterhood of like-minded women who share similar interests? Our travel agency is more than a service; it's a sisterhood where understanding and camaraderie thrive.

Why work with us?

When you choose LV Travel Co, you're not just booking a trip; you're investing in an experience created for your needs, guided by a team that truly understands the journey of a busy woman. Let's walk through life together--step by step, destination by destination. Because what is life without relationships?

Embark on Your Next Chapter with Us!

As we conclude this welcome journey together, we're excited about the adventures that lie ahead. LV Travel Co isn't simply a travel agency; it's a community of support, understanding, and empowerment for busy women like you.

Thank you for stepping into the world of LV Travel Co. We look forward to being your trusted companions!

Cheers to the journeys ahead,

Torri & Leanne

Torri is based just outside Charleston, West Virginia, and Leanne is based in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The LV Travel Co Team serves clients all over the United States. 

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